My first knitting pattern!

So, I decided that my first design project would be something small and relatively simple (with a bit of stranded colourwork so it’s not too easy/boring).

And the winner is…tadadada…a jumper/tank top in toddler size so it fits The Wee Man. (He’s a good little guinea pig).

With stars and moons on it.


Pictures of the project so far will follow shortly. I promise.

tkm  x


2 thoughts on “My first knitting pattern!

  1. what a creative person! reminds me of many moons ago(dya see what I did there)?

    I foolishly decided to knit a picture sweater of bunnies on sledges,took me months to finish,

    then everybody wanted one! I managed one more,nearly killed me,never again.

  2. Thanks Barbara,

    Yes, these things can be a labour of love…

    I have to admit that I’ve stopped agreeing to knit things for anyone who asks now, I waffle on instead about time and how many things I still have to knit. Saying that, your bunny sweater sounds brilliant, can I have one? (hee hee)

    My new plan is to write up the pattern and pass that on to anyone who asks me to knit one for them.

    tkm x

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