Roses are blue…and gold

I wanted to try some embroidery on a bit of scrap blanket fabric I had and decided to make a cushion to go with this wallpaper for our spare bedroom (ongoing project…)

It’s far from perfect, but I quite like the end result. I used fabric from a tartan flannel shirt from a charity shop for the back.


Back to black

This is the project I started on today. I suspect it may take me a while…

We found this rusty beauty on ebay. It’s for the spare bedroom.

I’ve started de-rusting with a wire brush attachment on a drill. It seems like it would be a piece of cake but my arm is aching after half an hour! And I’ve only done a tiny spot so far…

I’m sure it will be worth it in the end.

tkm x

First attempt

So, here is a picture of the back of the Starry Moony Night toddler jumper/tank top which is my first ‘from scratch’ design of a garment.

I’m not completely sure about the colour combination yet, but that can always be changed. I think maybe a deep red would have been better where the stripes are. More to follow…