A Birthday Contraption

Look what I got for my birthday!

In case you don’t know what it is…and I have to admit, I kind of knew but had to google it to confirm…it’s an umbrella swift. It is for helping wind skeins of wool into nice neat balls ready for knitting. Brilliant. No more using my feet then!

Thank you very much to my lovely brother, sister-in-law and two fab nephews in Ireland. I do love a knitting contraption.

Now I just have to go and buy some lovely expensive skeins of wool to try it out!


The happy happy hearth

We have eventually finished our rusty fireplace project! Hooray! (Well, as good as, still have a little bit of wire wool buffing to do and a background to add…). This was the fireplace when we got it…

and here it is now…

We got rid of a fair amount of the rust with a wire brush attachment on a drill…and an angle grinder…and lots and lots and lots of elbow grease. I can’t take all the credit as The Big Man probably did most of the work. We decided we didn’t want the traditional black in the end as we didn’t think it would go with the room so used a pewter coloured paint and softened the shine down with wire wool.

Our new dilemma is…what to put behind the fireplace? We didn’t want to make it a working fireplace but we need something to put in the middle bit instead of a fire. We are considering painting some lining paper with 3d effect brickwork…watch this space.

tkm x

Motown calling

We recently rescued our record player out of the attic as we now have a room to play music in. So I now have another excuse to spend ages looking round the local car boot sale.

Here is the gem of the crop I picked up at this week’s sale.

I’ve had Jimmy Mack in my head ever since.

The pipes are calling (again)

So here is the start of the pipe covers I am knitting for these.

I decided to try a patchwork sort of effect and am sticking to four colours which I think will go best with the room. It’s not too strenuous a project, and it’s fun trying different stitches for texture and change.