Starry Moony Night revisited

So, after finishing my first knitting pattern design, I was really keen to try something different, but I decided to reign myself in, strap on the sensible head and refine the design as it is not anywhere near finished. So, I made myself forget all the elaborate throws and cushions and scarves and jumpers in my head and knuckle down to re-thinking starry moony night. I wrote the pattern out (in a way I can follow at least) and found some different coloured yarn (to make a change and because I wasn’t completely sure about the original colours) and started again.

I’ve decided to dispense with the shoulder placket this time and I’m going to try an extra stretchy cast off for the neck instead, as well as using larger needles for knitting the neck. The poor wee man and his very big head.

I really like the mossy green rib colour with the purple.

P.S. Look what I scored at the car boot sale this morning! I haggled the nice man down from £10 to £8…not like me to haggle at all but I had to do it for such a lovely pair of my favourite make of shoes…

See you soon

tkm x


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