A prettier poufe

I tried something new this week – upholstery! Well, sort of. I found a sorry old poufe at the car boot sale for £2.50 on Sunday and it immediately made me think of some fabric I had got at the previous boot sale (also for £2.50…). So I decided to buy the sorry old poufe and figure out how to cover it later…

It was pretty easy actually and only took a couple of hours. I cut off the horrid fringe round the top of the poufe (pre-photo taking) and measured it and cut and sewed three bits of my fabric to fit over it. Voila! The trickiest bit was making the top corners rounded and not letting the fabric get gathered when I was sewing round them.

I’m really happy with it. The wee man seems to like it too. I found him lying on top of it with head and legs dangling last night – he said he was ‘relaxing’.

tkm x