Birthday cake blues…and reds…and yellows

The little man’s 3rd birthday party happened this past weekend. As he is now able to choose the kind of cake he wants, I let him decide…and he wanted a chocolate Thomas cake. This seemed perfectly reasonable to me until I had to try and figure out how to make it. I didn’t want to put royal icing on top of a chocolate cake as I thought that would taste iffy, so a 3d Thomas was out. But I couldn’t figure out how to make a Thomas ‘scene’ cake with toppers without it being a chocolatey moosh and a bit messy looking. Then the light bulb came on – cover it with icing sugar and make a snow scene!

So I did. And it turned out pretty well for a first attempt at a theme cake. The cake was yummy too. I used this recipe for the basic cake and chocolate ganache, then covered the whole thing with icing sugar, made the sleepers out of matchmakers and the rails out of chocolate piping icing and used ready to roll coloured icing for the Thomas. (The trees and snowman I bought from a cake shop.)

Chocolate Thomas cake 2Chocolate Thomas cake Chocolate Thomas cake 3

We still have some left over too…yum.

tkm x


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