Revenge of the Starry Moony Night

The second take of Starry Moony Night is finished. It’s my first completely original design and I’m fairly happy with it. I managed to get the wee man outside to model on a sunny day with a few trains as persuasion…

IMG_3997 IMG_3998 IMG_4014 IMG_4029

I really like how natural he looks in these, but then I managed to get him to stand and pose when we got inside…and he looks like a proper wee poster boy!

IMG_4064 I think somehow this may be the main pattern shot…

Just got to get the pattern written up and test knitted now. Watch this space…

tkm x


7 thoughts on “Revenge of the Starry Moony Night

  1. That’s true. One of my favourite photos of the wee man is fast asleep in the car with his mouth open and his face covered in snot and sand. I don’t think I’d look so hot in the same circumstances!

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