Bon Voyage

I’ve never tried to make a journal before but I have fancied trying it now and then.

An opportunity arose last week when I had to think of something to give a work colleague who is leaving to go travelling. So, I got some supplies together and made her a travel journal as a leaving gift.

I started with two stiff card covers which I punched holes in, then trimmed some lined card inserts to make the main body of the journal. Then I added some cut up travel-style paper which I bought from the craft shop throughout, as well as a folded up vintage map and some small envelopes for keepsakes. The longest job was embroidering the front. Then I bound the whole thing together with twine and a toggle and added a ribbon as a marker. Here is the end result…

Bon Voyage 1Bon Voyage 2Bon Voyage 3Bon Voyage 4Bon Voyage 5Bon Voyage 8Bon Voyage 6Bon Voyage 7

If I were 20 years younger I might make one for myself…



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