I have a design store…and I’m gonna use it

Last night I published my first pattern on Ravelry! It was very exciting creating my own ‘design store’ and I can’t wait to fill it up! I had the Starry Moony Night  pattern test knitted, did one last rewrite and voila! A knitting pattern is born.

If you are on Ravelry you can find my design store with it’s one lonely pattern here.

I still have to add photos of the alternative coloured pattern that the lovely Elaine test knitted for me but I’m waiting for a sunny day for that – it may take a while…

My second design is already on the needles…more about that soon.

tkm x

And and Bee forever

When I first started to read, my Mum would take my brother, sister and I to the local library every week. I can still remember the exact shelf I used to head for straight away. It was on the bottom left as you entered the children’s section and it was where my favourite books lived – Ant and Bee books. I loved the stories and the pictures and the way some of the words would be different colours and some of the words were pictures.

So I was very excited recently when I spotted two Ant and Bee books in a local charity shop. Two! And they were only 25p each. I splashed out my 50p and took them home and started reading them to the wee man straight away. He seems to love them as much as I did.

Ant and Bee covers Ant and Bee inside

Now all I have to find are some Frog and Toad books and my childhood book nostalgia-fest will be complete.

tkm x