Knitting pressies!

It was my birthday this week (I was bleepty2) and I received this wonderful present from the Big and Wee men…

IMG_0602 IMG_0600 IMG_0601

It’s the Addi Click knitting needle set! I may have hinted (i.e. said it straight out…) that I wanted this. You may have spotted that there is a pair of needles missing from the last picture. That’s because I started using it already. I got some lovely natural and coral coloured cotton twine recently and it feels lovely to knit with on these needles even though I’ve only done a few swatch rows so far…

IMG_0603 IMG_0605

I can’t wait to whip something up with these needles and this cotton.

Have a great weekend!



I’ve been working on a pattern for some vertical striped wrist warmers or muffatees (I love that name…) and have come up with this so far…(excuse the rubbish photography, taking a photo of my right hand with my left hand is not something I find easy!)


I love the look and texture of the Freedom Echo wool and the fact that it’s made from recycled jeans and t-shirts.

The thing I’m not sure of now is – whether to put vertical stripes all around the thing or leave it with the two stripes only. I may have to try it both ways to see which I like best.

What do you think?

Teddy’s got a brand new bag

I’ve slacked off on the knitting for the last couple of weekends as I desperately needed to make something to fit all the Wee Man’s soft toys in. They’ve been lolling about the floor of his room for quite a while now and they wanted a home! So I improvised a pattern for a BIG fabric basket with fabric I had already – although I had to buy the wadding and lining fabric. I’m not the neatest sewer in the world so it’s a tad wonky in places but it works ok. And the teddies seem to like it.

IMG_0534 IMG_0535 IMG_0537 IMG_0539 IMG_0540

I saw these beautiful baskets on Pinterest today – so I’m now wondering if I could knit the next one…

New colours

Just a few photos I took today of the lovely, different coloured version of Starry Moony Night I had test knitted. It turns out the wee man is quite a willing model, although he’d rather be on his scooter than stay still…

SMN grey 1 IMG_0497 IMG_0498 IMG_0499

The pattern is free and is available from my Ravelry store.

Have a great weekend everyone!