Hot cross bun fun

If I’ve been quiet for a little while it’s because I’ve been beavering away at the knitting designs – I have a couple nearly finished and one more just started. I’m hoping to have them all written up and ready to release for autumn. (They’re autumn/winter type accessories so I think it’s better to keep them on the back burner until then.)


Meanwhile, I have a question: when you submit a design to a publisher is it better for your design sketch to be a simple schematic or a drawing of how the finished item might look? I did submit a couple of patterns to two different publishers for the first time – without success – and I’m not sure whether the designs weren’t right for them or my method of submission wasn’t what they are used to. (I submitted drawings rather than schematics but the drawings had measurements on them…) Maybe next time I should just include both! At least then I’ll know if they are rejected then it’s probably the design they don’t like…poor rejected things. Ah well, I just keep thinking of all those famous musicians/artists/writers who were rejected before someone saw their potential – I always feel better being able to compare myself to The Beatles!

Now for some pictures! Look what I found at the car boot sale recently for only £1.50 –

IMG_2042And I only have to get rid of one or two bumpy bits before it will be my favourite T-shirt…

More pictures!

The wee man and I have been baking again – we tried hot cross buns for the first time and they turned out quite well.

IMG_2047 I am stuffing my face with one as I type and it’s not half bad. Recipe here.

Have a lovely Easter everyone.