Winging it

All the advice on designing knitting patterns tells us to ALWAYS swatch swatch swatch, plan, plan, plan, you can’t make something fit otherwise etc etc etc. I do usually follow this advice but…

For some reason with my latest design I just started knitting it…and carried on knitting it until I was happy with the result. It DID take me three tries to get the size and shape right though, so maybe there’s a wee lesson in that!

I wanted to knit a fingerless mitt in thistle colours in a vaguely triangular pattern.

The first attempt didn’t involve any shaping and looked like this…


The second attempt involved too much shaping and would probably only fit a skeleton…



But, third time was lucky!


They fit perfectly. I may have saved myself some time if I’d swatched first but…I did learn a few things along the way. Like, the best way to decrease, and exactly how many purple stitches I needed to make the green yarn meet at the bottom of the triangle.

Winging it – sometimes it’s okay to just go for it!