Sharks and tulips

I’m back with another non-knitting post… We had red nose day last week and I had to try to make The Wee Man’s face ‘funny for money’ for school. Not as easy as it sounds. He suffers from eczema on his face so I couldn’t use face paint. I REALLY ¬†wanted to make him one of these… but that was a no go too as it would itch his skin too much. We did decide together to make a pair of cardboard glasses and I started making some, embellished with paint and feathers. But he decided he didn’t want to be Dame Edna Everage after all. 5177__dame-edna_barry-humphries-is-in-london-at-the-moment-presumably-enjoying- So, after racking my brains (and Pinterest) I eventually managed something that he liked that wouldn’t make him scratch. Ta da! IMG_2725 IMG_2726 All I needed to buy was the goggly eyes. He even managed to wear it for the whole morning. ¬†Phew! While this was all going on, I came across the lovely set of Molotow pens (and sketch book) The Big Man bought me at Christmas and was determined to use them this weekend. I was especially inspired after watching a BBC2 documentary on David Hockney on Saturday night. So I set about with pens and paper and here is my first attempt. (These are the tulips The Wee Man gave me for Mother’s day on Sunday). tulips.img021 The colours are a lot brighter in reality than in this scan. I really love their vividness. Now I must go out and buy a larger selection of colours! Have a colourful week everyone!

Making for Mum

Mother’s day again?! It’s a funny one when you have a Mum and a Wee Man as well. I get to do something special for my lovely Mum and the Wee Man (with a lot of help from the Big Man usually…he’s only 5) gets to spoil me a tiny bit. Hooray!

I wanted to make my Mum something this year but it had to be something easy and quick as I left it a bit late. So I poked around my Pinterest sewing board and decided on this nice wee pattern from a sewing blog I follow. (Thanks Jess). I had some great fabric in my stash that I’ve had for years – it was just waiting to be made into something like this. I even had some matching lining fabric. I only had to buy a zip and off I went.

Had a tiny bit of trouble putting the second side together…got the outer and lining fabric mixed up and sewed them on back to front. Oops. But a bit of unpicking and re-sewing later it was all good. The only bit I’m not completely happy with is how I’ve twisted one side of the zip end but it doesn’t look too bad and doesn’t affect the zip closing so I’m going with it! I added a little felt ball to the zip for decoration. IMG_2716 IMG_2721

It will be winging it’s way northwards in the next couple of days. Let’s hope Mum likes it!

Happy early Mother’s day to all you Mums out there!