Sharks and tulips

I’m back with another non-knitting post… We had red nose day last week and I had to try to make The Wee Man’s face ‘funny for money’ for school. Not as easy as it sounds. He suffers from eczema on his face so I couldn’t use face paint. I REALLY  wanted to make him one of these… but that was a no go too as it would itch his skin too much. We did decide together to make a pair of cardboard glasses and I started making some, embellished with paint and feathers. But he decided he didn’t want to be Dame Edna Everage after all. 5177__dame-edna_barry-humphries-is-in-london-at-the-moment-presumably-enjoying- So, after racking my brains (and Pinterest) I eventually managed something that he liked that wouldn’t make him scratch. Ta da! IMG_2725 IMG_2726 All I needed to buy was the goggly eyes. He even managed to wear it for the whole morning.  Phew! While this was all going on, I came across the lovely set of Molotow pens (and sketch book) The Big Man bought me at Christmas and was determined to use them this weekend. I was especially inspired after watching a BBC2 documentary on David Hockney on Saturday night. So I set about with pens and paper and here is my first attempt. (These are the tulips The Wee Man gave me for Mother’s day on Sunday). tulips.img021 The colours are a lot brighter in reality than in this scan. I really love their vividness. Now I must go out and buy a larger selection of colours! Have a colourful week everyone!

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