Submission fever

I took a couple of days off from knitting this week. It used to be that I would often go days without knitting and not notice but these days it seems that my hands are constantly itching to pick up those needles. But for the last couple of weeks I’ve been so busy finishing off two (two!) design submission ideas at once that once it was done I took a breather.

Then another submission email dropped into my inbox and my brain was off again. A third submission has been sent off – 3 in one week! I may have submission fever…

The thing is, I’ve not had a submission accepted yet but I’m starting to actually enjoy the process of it and the ideas that it generates without being so bothered by whether my ideas are accepted or not. If they’re not right then I have some new designs I can do myself. (A few too many at the moment!)

One of the aspects I’m trying to improve with each submission is my design sketch. I tend to make it a bit basic with some colour and texture as appropriate just to convey the idea of the design. With the last one though, one of the designs was for a top and as it was my first time submitting a top design I tried to make my sketch look a bit more natural as it would look on a person. I found the easiest way to do this was look at a photo of a real person wearing a similar shape and copy the form then adapt the shape of what the form is wearing to my design. I did find while I sketched this time that I felt like a ‘proper designer’. Which was fun.

Maybe one day I’ll have enough sketching time/talent to do one like these I found on pinterest.

I think this is my favourite:

Knit draw

(Alexandra Liss)

You never know, maybe I’ll be back to tell you one of my feverish rash of submissions was accepted. After recovering from falling off my seat.

Happy knitting!

I’m not scared of arms anymore

I have finally made something that isn’t an accessory! (Runs round in circles and pats myself on the back).

Ok, I’ve definitely eased myself in to the whole ‘lady knitted top’ arena…and have to confess I’ve been a bit scared by the whole armholes/sleeves/set-in/drop/raglan etc etc etc area of tops. Buuuut…I think I may tackle it yet. I didn’t do it with this one, as it’s a straight up with added bit of armhole ‘trim’ but soon…

I did discover that knitting summer tops/t-shirts is a good way to get yourself into the whole knitted top universe. I feel I could tackle something more complicated now. I’m not scared of arms anymore!

Although, I have to say, this one wasn’t as simple as it looks or sounds. I tend to design things kind of on-the-go, I like to see how it’s turning out as I knit it and make decisions as I go along rather than designing everything to bits before starting. It bit me on the bum here.

The problem was: it’s a circular knit, bottom up, stripey top, with a 10-row repeating stripe pattern. Fine when I knit it for me and it fits perfectly. Then I go to size it for other people…(starts tearing hair out). I got there eventually, but trying to figure out how to adjust length for different sizes when you can only add/subtract 10 rows at a time to make it end on the right row…is tricky. Why can’t everyone be the same size and shape as me? (be a bit boring maybe…)

So, here is my first lady top thing…I called it Maidencombe after the beach we took these photos on…

ASW_3019 ASW_3021 ASW_3026 ASW_3028 DSC_0059 ASW_3032



You can get the pattern on my Ravelry page.


I’ve already started on my next summer top. They are the new wrist warmers!

Happy knitting … tkm x