Warm and sunny days

Hello from beautiful Cyprus!

View of Pafos
View of Pafos

This is my knitting view at the moment. Not bad eh? The Big Man, Wee Man and I are on 2 weeks holiday in lovely Cyprus. Don’t be too envious though as I’ve been suffering with a cold since we got here. I’m trying to shake it by doing lots of sitting around and reading…it also meant I couldn’t accompany the Big and Wee Men to the waterpark today unfortunately (can you feel my disappointment?) The Wee Man thinks the waterpark is the main reason for coming here.

I’ve managed a wee bit of knitting while here…

Cooking up a new design and some new freckles at the same time!
Cooking up a new design and some new freckles at the same time!

I haven’t done much knitting in this kind of heat before but it hasn’t been too troublesome. Mostly because I’m using lovely light linen/cotton yarn and it hasn’t got to the bulky stage yet. The thing I’ve had most trouble with is the working yarn getting all stuck in between my sun creamed/sweaty fingers…

I also wanted to show you the holiday bag I finished ready for our trip.

Holiday bag!
Holiday bag!

I’m really happy with it – I even managed to sew a lining with a phone pocket into it – and a zip too! I’ve used it every day so far. (Well, every day that I haven’t been sitting about here looking at the view that is.) I haven’t decided whether to write up the pattern or not yet.

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer and have managed a wee holiday too.



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