Learning as I knit

There are so many knitting techniques I still haven’t learned yet, sometimes I think I will never learn them all. However, I have decided that a good way to try to learn them all is to incorporate a new technique into each new design. There are so many that this has come quite naturally so far. Here is what I’ve been doing recently and the new (to me) techniques they use.


Faileas cowl

This is my Faileas cowl (faileas is a Scottish Gaelic word meaning reflection or shadow). I used linen stitch in this cowl for the first time. I really loved the woven effect of the linen stitch, although it is a bit slow when you are knitting in fingering weight…

My most recent design is still in progress as I’ve decided to change the length of the sample. And it is a garment for a change!

Minack top

I have used this stitch pattern before, in my Minack Hat, so this particular pattern was not new to me, however, I used a three-needle-cast-off for the first time on the shoulders. I loved how the seam turned out with this method and will definitely use it again.

3 needle cast off

Hopefully, I will be arranging a test knit of this pattern soon, once I have cut and spliced it to shorten it! (Another new technique…)

If you would like a chance to test knit the Minack Top or any other new designs I am test-knitting in the future, you can follow my Instagram account where I post test-knit calls.

Does anyone else like to learn new techniques as they knit?

2 thoughts on “Learning as I knit

  1. That’s a really pretty scarf, Sarah. You’ve a lovely style and a good taste for colour combinations. The garment you’re working on looks so gracefully minimalistic.
    I agree, knitting is a learning sport, it has been my favourite creativity vent for over 20 years now and I am still discovering new grounds. The neat looking three needle cast off is also my favourite. My greatest passion is knitting in the round, especially arans and lace, plenty of room for learning new pattern combinations and special techniques that never cease to amaze me. 🙂

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