Hooray for clay!


I’ve been experimenting with making a few things with air drying clay recently. This started because I wanted a little dish for my bedside table to put little bits in like hair bands and jewellery. So I made a dish and a tea light holder and a little fox brooch.


They are a bit rough and ready (and cracked and wonky…) but I don’t mind that. They’re just for me and they make me happy.


Dish and fox brooch

Dish and fox brooch

DSC_0073 DSC_0074

I rolled a piece of hessian over the clay to create the pattern
I rolled a piece of hessian over the clay to create the pattern


Tea light holder
Tea light holder



Hopefully the cracks in the tea light holder will disappear once it has a lit tea light in it!



‘Not good enough for Pinterest’ advent calendar

As an avid Pinterester, (mainly “Oooh”s and “Wow”s and never getting round to making any of the things) I have been meaning to make my own advent calendar for a few years now. But December 1st just seems to creep up so quickly. Then I quickly rush out and buy a cheap chocolate thing. Our one from last year (Peppa Pig) is actually still sitting behind the wine rack in the kitchen. With chocolate still in. That’s how rubbish cheap advent calendar chocolate is. And also how rubbish I am at tidying up but never mind that.


Somehow I managed to (almost completely…) make one this year – before December! Hooray! It’s a bit rubbish in places but we’re quite happy to have it up on the wall! (Just not the Pinterest wall – because that’s more important obviously.)


The almost good advent calendar!

The almost good advent calendar!


Jumbly numbery
Jumbly numbery


17! (This is my favourite - don't know why)
17! (This is my favourite – don’t know why)


December 1st!
December 1st!


Take the picture already so I can have my treat
Take the picture already so I can have my treat


You may have noticed not all the days of the month are represented… yes, I ran out of bags. Got 20 more days to add the last few though eh?


Final word of warning if you’re thinking of making your own advent calendar (Quick! It’s December already!) – you will find yourself searching around for small toys/treats/something other than chocolate for every bag…and end up spending even more than you would on one of those expensive Playmobile things that you shake your head at for being an expensive luxury…

Camera crafts

The Big Man recently got a DSLR camera and asked me to make him a case for one of his lenses. After a quick search I found this tutorial which looked just the thing.

It took me all of a Sunday morning and here is the result…

IMG_1908 IMG_1909 IMG_1913

I used bits from an old flannel shirt for the outside and some soft cotton lining for the inside. Some cord and beads from an old belt finished it off. Thanks Sewplicity!

The Big Man had also been talking about getting a little notebook for his camera bag so when I saw this… I had to try to replicate it. I bought a notebook rather than making one though!


Thanks to Lula Louise for the inspiration!

The Big Man is using them both and seems very happy with them.

I also have a new knitting design in progress…more about that to come.


A bedroom I can sleep in

It has taken months and lots of hard work, but we finally have a finished bedroom that is actually a pleasure to sleep in. The Big Man had to level the floor, take out the window and door frame and make new ones and we had to get the walls and ceilings plastered before we could even begin to think about decorating.

Here are a couple of before pictures…

and after…

And yes, I have been going to bed a little bit earlier just to enjoy it.

tkm x

The happy happy hearth

We have eventually finished our rusty fireplace project! Hooray! (Well, as good as, still have a little bit of wire wool buffing to do and a background to add…). This was the fireplace when we got it…

and here it is now…

We got rid of a fair amount of the rust with a wire brush attachment on a drill…and an angle grinder…and lots and lots and lots of elbow grease. I can’t take all the credit as The Big Man probably did most of the work. We decided we didn’t want the traditional black in the end as we didn’t think it would go with the room so used a pewter coloured paint and softened the shine down with wire wool.

Our new dilemma is…what to put behind the fireplace? We didn’t want to make it a working fireplace but we need something to put in the middle bit instead of a fire. We are considering painting some lining paper with 3d effect brickwork…watch this space.

tkm x

The pipes are calling (again)

So here is the start of the pipe covers I am knitting for these.

I decided to try a patchwork sort of effect and am sticking to four colours which I think will go best with the room. It’s not too strenuous a project, and it’s fun trying different stitches for texture and change.

The pipes, the pipes are calling

So, we are almost finished decorating ‘the snug’ but we were not sure what to do with the two central heating pipes in the corner. (We couldn’t hide them in the wall cavity as there is already something else in there). They originally had an ugly white plastic cover on them which we didn’t want to put back.

Then I thought about yarn bombing.

We decided it would be a good idea to knit covers for the pipes. So that’s what I’m doing.

I don’t think it will be technically difficult but I’m still not sure how I’m going to knit over the three sets of clips which hold them to the wall. Here is what they look like. They are attached together and to the wall, so no room to wrap yarn around them. Suggestions welcome please!

Back to black

This is the project I started on today. I suspect it may take me a while…

We found this rusty beauty on ebay. It’s for the spare bedroom.

I’ve started de-rusting with a wire brush attachment on a drill. It seems like it would be a piece of cake but my arm is aching after half an hour! And I’ve only done a tiny spot so far…

I’m sure it will be worth it in the end.

tkm x