Hot cross bun fun

If I’ve been quiet for a little while it’s because I’ve been beavering away at the knitting designs – I have a couple nearly finished and one more just started. I’m hoping to have them all written up and ready to release for autumn. (They’re autumn/winter type accessories so I think it’s better to keep them on the back burner until then.)


Meanwhile, I have a question: when you submit a design to a publisher is it better for your design sketch to be a simple schematic or a drawing of how the finished item might look? I did submit a couple of patterns to two different publishers for the first time – without success – and I’m not sure whether the designs weren’t right for them or my method of submission wasn’t what they are used to. (I submitted drawings rather than schematics but the drawings had measurements on them…) Maybe next time I should just include both! At least then I’ll know if they are rejected then it’s probably the design they don’t like…poor rejected things. Ah well, I just keep thinking of all those famous musicians/artists/writers who were rejected before someone saw their potential – I always feel better being able to compare myself to The Beatles!

Now for some pictures! Look what I found at the car boot sale recently for only £1.50 –

IMG_2042And I only have to get rid of one or two bumpy bits before it will be my favourite T-shirt…

More pictures!

The wee man and I have been baking again – we tried hot cross buns for the first time and they turned out quite well.

IMG_2047 I am stuffing my face with one as I type and it’s not half bad. Recipe here.

Have a lovely Easter everyone.



And and Bee forever

When I first started to read, my Mum would take my brother, sister and I to the local library every week. I can still remember the exact shelf I used to head for straight away. It was on the bottom left as you entered the children’s section and it was where my favourite books lived – Ant and Bee books. I loved the stories and the pictures and the way some of the words would be different colours and some of the words were pictures.

So I was very excited recently when I spotted two Ant and Bee books in a local charity shop. Two! And they were only 25p each. I splashed out my 50p and took them home and started reading them to the wee man straight away. He seems to love them as much as I did.

Ant and Bee covers Ant and Bee inside

Now all I have to find are some Frog and Toad books and my childhood book nostalgia-fest will be complete.

tkm x

A costly bargain…

I was browsing in the local charity shops last weekend, looking for a book when I came across this thing…

Easy Sew

And as I sometimes have bit of trouble with lining my knitted pieces up evenly to sew them together, I thought it was a great bargain at £2.

Until I got home…I took this photo and set my camera down to open the box and take a photo of the contents when I knocked my camera off the worktop. Of course it landed on its lens. My poor camera has not recovered.

But at least I’ll be able to sew all my knitting together evenly from now on…

A prettier poufe

I tried something new this week – upholstery! Well, sort of. I found a sorry old poufe at the car boot sale for £2.50 on Sunday and it immediately made me think of some fabric I had got at the previous boot sale (also for £2.50…). So I decided to buy the sorry old poufe and figure out how to cover it later…

It was pretty easy actually and only took a couple of hours. I cut off the horrid fringe round the top of the poufe (pre-photo taking) and measured it and cut and sewed three bits of my fabric to fit over it. Voila! The trickiest bit was making the top corners rounded and not letting the fabric get gathered when I was sewing round them.

I’m really happy with it. The wee man seems to like it too. I found him lying on top of it with head and legs dangling last night – he said he was ‘relaxing’.

tkm x

Starry Moony Night revisited

So, after finishing my first knitting pattern design, I was really keen to try something different, but I decided to reign myself in, strap on the sensible head and refine the design as it is not anywhere near finished. So, I made myself forget all the elaborate throws and cushions and scarves and jumpers in my head and knuckle down to re-thinking starry moony night. I wrote the pattern out (in a way I can follow at least) and found some different coloured yarn (to make a change and because I wasn’t completely sure about the original colours) and started again.

I’ve decided to dispense with the shoulder placket this time and I’m going to try an extra stretchy cast off for the neck instead, as well as using larger needles for knitting the neck. The poor wee man and his very big head.

I really like the mossy green rib colour with the purple.

P.S. Look what I scored at the car boot sale this morning! I haggled the nice man down from £10 to £8…not like me to haggle at all but I had to do it for such a lovely pair of my favourite make of shoes…

See you soon

tkm x

Motown calling

We recently rescued our record player out of the attic as we now have a room to play music in. So I now have another excuse to spend ages looking round the local car boot sale.

Here is the gem of the crop I picked up at this week’s sale.

I’ve had Jimmy Mack in my head ever since.