A new valentine

After not managing to create any Christmas card kits in time for Christmas, I was determined to do a Valentine one. Then it struck me last week that it was only a few weeks until Valentine’s day and I hadn’t even come up with a card idea yet. So, I got my thinking cap on and my pencil out and I managed to design, make and list a new card kit it just 5 days. (It may have actually taken me a day or two less if it hadn’t been for the pesky cloudy skies scuppering my photos…) Phew.

And here is my newest Etsy listing…

Love card

If you feel like giving card embroidery a go (and I heartily recommend it – it’s so satisfying) you can find the kit here…Boo and the Moon.

tkm x

Baby’s got a brand new bib

I have a friend. A good friend. I haven’t seen her since my wedding in 2007. She lives in Madrid and she just had her first child. I wish I could be there for cuddles and baby chat. But I can’t. So, I made a wee bib for the new little man in my friend’s life. Here it is.

and after such a quick, easy project, I still had some sewing left in me, so I sewed a card too…

The lovely bib pattern was from The Purl Bee and the card was just made up by me.

tkm x