Something new…

My first bag pattern is up on Ravelry!

It is called Picos as I started the design when I was on holiday in the Picos de Europa (which was beautiful).

There are two versions – stocking stitch or garter stitch. I can’t decide yet which is my favourite…

DSC_0079 DSC_0074 ASW_2723 DSC_0060 DSC_0052 Bum shot! ASW_2696 ASW_2728 DSC_0065

You can find the pattern for free at the Ravelry link above – but if you are a non-knitter I will be posting them for sale as made to order items on Etsy and Folksy soon.

Happy knitting folks!


Hi there, sorry I’ve been neglecting you guys…all in the cause of knitting…etc.

I have a friend at work who asked me to knit her a pair of my Dream Weaving mitts a little while ago. I usually laugh off these requests because if I didn’t I’d never get another pattern out or much else done. But – this person has been so generous to me and the wee man with gifts galore so I decided to repay her kindness and knit the damn things.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the pattern to work for her super skinny miniscule wrists – the weaving was too tight or the tension was wrong and when the cast off edge flared out like a giant ruffle because of the difference in tension between the woven part and the cast off part – I’d had enough.

So, I decided to start again and design a whole new pattern for her. Which is a better gift anyway really – if someone did that for me I’d be ecstatic!

I used the same yarn in the same two colours but changed the pattern to a two colour stocking stitch body and garter stitch cuff at the top with a thumb hole in between. I was really pleased with how they turned out – and so was the recipient. They are called Térag which is Scottish Gaelic for Teresa – my friend’s name.

Térag 1 Térag 2 Térag 3

I have posted the pattern for free in my Ravelry store if you fancy trying it – go on! it’s easy peasy!

I hope you all have a warm and woolly Christmas.

tkm x