Camera crafts

The Big Man recently got a DSLR camera and asked me to make him a case for one of his lenses. After a quick search I found this tutorial which looked just the thing.

It took me all of a Sunday morning and here is the result…

IMG_1908 IMG_1909 IMG_1913

I used bits from an old flannel shirt for the outside and some soft cotton lining for the inside. Some cord and beads from an old belt finished it off. Thanks Sewplicity!

The Big Man had also been talking about getting a little notebook for his camera bag so when I saw this… I had to try to replicate it. I bought a notebook rather than making one though!


Thanks to Lula Louise for the inspiration!

The Big Man is using them both and seems very happy with them.

I also have a new knitting design in progress…more about that to come.


Bon Voyage

I’ve never tried to make a journal before but I have fancied trying it now and then.

An opportunity arose last week when I had to think of something to give a work colleague who is leaving to go travelling. So, I got some supplies together and made her a travel journal as a leaving gift.

I started with two stiff card covers which I punched holes in, then trimmed some lined card inserts to make the main body of the journal. Then I added some cut up travel-style paper which I bought from the craft shop throughout, as well as a folded up vintage map and some small envelopes for keepsakes. The longest job was embroidering the front. Then I bound the whole thing together with twine and a toggle and added a ribbon as a marker. Here is the end result…

Bon Voyage 1Bon Voyage 2Bon Voyage 3Bon Voyage 4Bon Voyage 5Bon Voyage 8Bon Voyage 6Bon Voyage 7

If I were 20 years younger I might make one for myself…


A new valentine

After not managing to create any Christmas card kits in time for Christmas, I was determined to do a Valentine one. Then it struck me last week that it was only a few weeks until Valentine’s day and I hadn’t even come up with a card idea yet. So, I got my thinking cap on and my pencil out and I managed to design, make and list a new card kit it just 5 days. (It may have actually taken me a day or two less if it hadn’t been for the pesky cloudy skies scuppering my photos…) Phew.

And here is my newest Etsy listing…

Love card

If you feel like giving card embroidery a go (and I heartily recommend it – it’s so satisfying) you can find the kit here…Boo and the Moon.

tkm x

Roses are blue…and gold

I wanted to try some embroidery on a bit of scrap blanket fabric I had and decided to make a cushion to go with this wallpaper for our spare bedroom (ongoing project…)

It’s far from perfect, but I quite like the end result. I used fabric from a tartan flannel shirt from a charity shop for the back.