Hooray for clay!


I’ve been experimenting with making a few things with air drying clay recently. This started because I wanted a little dish for my bedside table to put little bits in like hair bands and jewellery. So I made a dish and a tea light holder and a little fox brooch.


They are a bit rough and ready (and cracked and wonky…) but I don’t mind that. They’re just for me and they make me happy.


Dish and fox brooch

Dish and fox brooch

DSC_0073 DSC_0074

I rolled a piece of hessian over the clay to create the pattern
I rolled a piece of hessian over the clay to create the pattern


Tea light holder
Tea light holder



Hopefully the cracks in the tea light holder will disappear once it has a lit tea light in it!



End of the shawl aversion?

There has always been something that’s puzzled me about knitters/Ravelry…the insane predilection they seem to have for knitting shawls.


I have never worn a shawl. I don’t know many people who do. I thought they were frumpy and about as useful as a chocolate teapot to be honest.


But in recent months I’ve found myself admiring certain shawls more and more…even adding them to my favourites (shock!). Here are some of my recent picks…

Drachenfels by Melanie Berg on Ravelry – I love the colours and stripes – I can even forgive it for being a triangle!




Claire’s Shawl Wrap by Handsty on Etsy – This looks sooooo cosy and fabulous.




And Textured Laguna Wrap by Chandi Agee on Ravelry – this is such a beautiful colour and texture.




I’ve also realised that a shawl is a fine thing to sit and wrap yourself in when it’s not wintery anymore but there’s still a wee nip in the air.


I’m still not convinced by the floaty, lacy, triangular/crescent/scalloped edge things that a lot of ravellers seem to lap up…but I am officially coming out as a shawl fan.


Confession: I have actually knit a shawl/wrap type thing and am sitting cosily wrapped in it as I type…more of that another day!


Noodles of knitting

I’m having a knitting problem. Too many projects…too little time. This isn’t a new problem but I don’t think I’ve ever had so many designs on the go before.


I’ve almost finished a couple of simple wee ones…




This is a headband – only problem – I might have to find a neater way to do the edges. It looks fine when it’s on a head but a bit wavy when off…


Here is my latest wrist warmer design – also almost done:




There were two reasons this design was left for a bit – I ran out of one of the colours and couldn’t find my tapestry needle for weaving in the ends!


Next is a design for a spring/summer top so I’ve got a bit of time to finish that:




I’m almost done with a more wintery top in yummy chunky undyed wool:




I’ve either got to finish it pronto or keep it on the backburner until Autumn. This one was left for a bit because I needed more wool for it and it wasn’t cheap…


And last but most importantly I’ve started designing something specially for my Mum who is very unwell at the moment. I’m hoping to finish it soon and sell the pattern through Just Giving to raise money for Cancer Research UK. It’s a scarf/shawl knit on the bias:




Hopefully I can finish at least a couple of these over the weekend and I won’t feel like I’ve got quite so many balls (of wool) in the air!


Anybody else overwhelmed with too much knitting?


Bon Voyage

I’ve never tried to make a journal before but I have fancied trying it now and then.

An opportunity arose last week when I had to think of something to give a work colleague who is leaving to go travelling. So, I got some supplies together and made her a travel journal as a leaving gift.

I started with two stiff card covers which I punched holes in, then trimmed some lined card inserts to make the main body of the journal. Then I added some cut up travel-style paper which I bought from the craft shop throughout, as well as a folded up vintage map and some small envelopes for keepsakes. The longest job was embroidering the front. Then I bound the whole thing together with twine and a toggle and added a ribbon as a marker. Here is the end result…

Bon Voyage 1Bon Voyage 2Bon Voyage 3Bon Voyage 4Bon Voyage 5Bon Voyage 8Bon Voyage 6Bon Voyage 7

If I were 20 years younger I might make one for myself…


A new valentine

After not managing to create any Christmas card kits in time for Christmas, I was determined to do a Valentine one. Then it struck me last week that it was only a few weeks until Valentine’s day and I hadn’t even come up with a card idea yet. So, I got my thinking cap on and my pencil out and I managed to design, make and list a new card kit it just 5 days. (It may have actually taken me a day or two less if it hadn’t been for the pesky cloudy skies scuppering my photos…) Phew.

And here is my newest Etsy listing…

Love card

If you feel like giving card embroidery a go (and I heartily recommend it – it’s so satisfying) you can find the kit here…Boo and the Moon.

tkm x

Baby’s got a brand new bib

I have a friend. A good friend. I haven’t seen her since my wedding in 2007. She lives in Madrid and she just had her first child. I wish I could be there for cuddles and baby chat. But I can’t. So, I made a wee bib for the new little man in my friend’s life. Here it is.

and after such a quick, easy project, I still had some sewing left in me, so I sewed a card too…

The lovely bib pattern was from The Purl Bee and the card was just made up by me.

tkm x

Roses are blue…and gold

I wanted to try some embroidery on a bit of scrap blanket fabric I had and decided to make a cushion to go with this wallpaper for our spare bedroom (ongoing project…)

It’s far from perfect, but I quite like the end result. I used fabric from a tartan flannel shirt from a charity shop for the back.


First attempt

So, here is a picture of the back of the Starry Moony Night toddler jumper/tank top which is my first ‘from scratch’ design of a garment.

I’m not completely sure about the colour combination yet, but that can always be changed. I think maybe a deep red would have been better where the stripes are. More to follow…