Lossie Mitts

Fingerless Mitts. My favourite. I can’t help going back to them again and again.


I have some new ones and I think these might be my favourite ones yet…


ASW_3412 ASW_3391 ASW_3386 ASW_3370 DSC_0378


If you like them and you can knit you can download the pattern for free from my Ravelry store, or if you don’t knit (why not??!) you can always ask me to knit them for you in my Etsy or Folksy shops. I canna do that for free though I’m afraid…


I got a lovely bundle of new wool from the postie today so I’m off to fondle it!


Bye for now! x


It’s crazy making time!


First up – Elf shoes of course. The wee man has to be an elf for his school Christmas performance. I made the outfit okay but wasn’t sure how to do the shoes until I saw these on Pinterest. I used red felt and adapted them a bit – I wasn’t sure they’d stretch over his shoes so I just put a button at the heel instead of sewing them up. They worked a treat! Now he tells me he’s standing at the back for the performance…




In other crazy crafting news…


Paper angels! I love making these. They are going to be given as wee gifts this year. I saw some of these on Red Ted Art (a great site for making stuff with wee people.) I just adapted them to the way I wanted again. I added cotton hair and a net ruff and I used Christmas paper for some, but some I’ve printed pages covered with ‘Merry Christmas …’ and the recipient’s name.


DSC_0415 DSC_0417 DSC_0419


I love these so much, I’m going to have to make some for us to keep too. I’ll be busy…



‘Not good enough for Pinterest’ advent calendar

As an avid Pinterester, (mainly “Oooh”s and “Wow”s and never getting round to making any of the things) I have been meaning to make my own advent calendar for a few years now. But December 1st just seems to creep up so quickly. Then I quickly rush out and buy a cheap chocolate thing. Our one from last year (Peppa Pig) is actually still sitting behind the wine rack in the kitchen. With chocolate still in. That’s how rubbish cheap advent calendar chocolate is. And also how rubbish I am at tidying up but never mind that.


Somehow I managed to (almost completely…) make one this year – before December! Hooray! It’s a bit rubbish in places but we’re quite happy to have it up on the wall! (Just not the Pinterest wall – because that’s more important obviously.)


The almost good advent calendar!

The almost good advent calendar!


Jumbly numbery
Jumbly numbery


17! (This is my favourite - don't know why)
17! (This is my favourite – don’t know why)


December 1st!
December 1st!


Take the picture already so I can have my treat
Take the picture already so I can have my treat


You may have noticed not all the days of the month are represented… yes, I ran out of bags. Got 20 more days to add the last few though eh?


Final word of warning if you’re thinking of making your own advent calendar (Quick! It’s December already!) – you will find yourself searching around for small toys/treats/something other than chocolate for every bag…and end up spending even more than you would on one of those expensive Playmobile things that you shake your head at for being an expensive luxury…

Scotland, Halloween and more MITTS

I took The Wee Man to visit relatives in Scotland recently, mainly my Mum as she has been a bit poorly and hasn’t managed to visit us this year. The Wee Man had a great time seeing all his cousins and being thoroughly spoiled by Nana…

We searched for Nessie at Loch Ness. (Didn't find her)
We searched for Nessie at Loch Ness. (Didn’t find her)
We ran from the waves…
At Lossiemouth’s West Beach
We climbed and played at Carrbridge’s Landmark Centre
And we were very spooky at Halloween
(Yep, another home-made costume – just can’t bring myself to buy one…)
We had great fun dookin for apples at Granny’s house

But it’s back to school, work and the old knitting grind now…here’s my latest pattern.

DSC_0442 DSC_0432

They’re Gabla Mitts and you can buy the pattern in my Ravelry Store. Or have them made to order for you from my Etsy or Folksy shops.

Happy knitting everyone!

A damn fine idea

Great Northern KnitsGreat Northern Knits2

My favourite pastime and my favourite TV programme have come together at last!

This looks like a fabulous knitting project. It has no less than two (Two!) Log Lady (my favourite TP lady) patterns.

The designers, Leah Coccari-Swift and Teresa Gregorio, are running a kickstarter campaign to fund the project if you are interested in becoming part of it… I know I am.

The owls are not what they seem.

Warm and sunny days

Hello from beautiful Cyprus!

View of Pafos
View of Pafos

This is my knitting view at the moment. Not bad eh? The Big Man, Wee Man and I are on 2 weeks holiday in lovely Cyprus. Don’t be too envious though as I’ve been suffering with a cold since we got here. I’m trying to shake it by doing lots of sitting around and reading…it also meant I couldn’t accompany the Big and Wee Men to the waterpark today unfortunately (can you feel my disappointment?) The Wee Man thinks the waterpark is the main reason for coming here.

I’ve managed a wee bit of knitting while here…

Cooking up a new design and some new freckles at the same time!
Cooking up a new design and some new freckles at the same time!

I haven’t done much knitting in this kind of heat before but it hasn’t been too troublesome. Mostly because I’m using lovely light linen/cotton yarn and it hasn’t got to the bulky stage yet. The thing I’ve had most trouble with is the working yarn getting all stuck in between my sun creamed/sweaty fingers…

I also wanted to show you the holiday bag I finished ready for our trip.

Holiday bag!
Holiday bag!

I’m really happy with it – I even managed to sew a lining with a phone pocket into it – and a zip too! I’ve used it every day so far. (Well, every day that I haven’t been sitting about here looking at the view that is.) I haven’t decided whether to write up the pattern or not yet.

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer and have managed a wee holiday too.